Meet Our Equine Athletes.

If you’re a boarder or a member of the Feelgood Farm Show Team and want your horse listed here, email us and we’ll add your horse below.


Down the Rabbit Hole

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 2008, Holsteiner Mare (16.2h)
  • Breeding: Confusion x Conejo x Calando I
  • Owned by: Feelgood Farm, LLC

Down The Rabbit Hole (aka “Brave” Alice) is the most amazing young mare that has ever set hoof in our barn. So brave and willing, it’s easy to forget she’s so young. Her favorite thing in the world is Lik-its and tasty treats. She’s a blast to ride and is already showing on the circuit.  Read More…


  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 2006 Belgian Warmblood (16.2 h)
  • Breeding: Toulon x Furioso
  • Owned by: Feelgood Farm

Gentleman (Lestat) arrived from Europe, where he had shown extensively, in October, 2015. Read More…


  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 4/23/2004, Holsteiner (17h)
  • Breeding: Contact Me x Caligula II x Landgraf I
  • Owned by: Feelgood Farm, LLC

Uppsala (aka Miranda) was very generously donated to our program by Kendall Bradshaw. She is one of the foundation mares for our Jumper breeding program and is in the Holsteiner Main Mare book.  Read More…

Dr. Feelgood

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 2004, Warmblood Cross (16.3h)
  • Breeding:
  • Owned by: Feelgood Farm, LLC

Dr. Feelgood (aka Ren) is a big, athletic horse. He is a very friendly, easy-going guy with a big stride and super jump. He has foxhunted in the past and loves to jump high. The best thing about Ren is his heart. He tries so hard to please. He jumps anything without ever questioning his rider. Read More…

Bel Canto (aka “Bella”)

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 2006 Irish Sport Horse Mare (16.2h)
  • Breeding:
  • Owned by: The St. Claire Family

Bel Canto (aka Bella) is owned by the St. Claire family and has proven to be an amazing jumper prospect!  Bella is one of the foundation mares for the St. Claire’s (Feelgood East) breeding program and her first foal will hit the ground in Spring, 2014, courtesy of a recipient mare.  Read More…

SA Celtic Matador (aka “Artax”)

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 5/10/1999, Arabian Gelding (15.2h)
  • Breeding:
  • Owned by: Feelgood Farm, LLC

SA Celtic Matador (Artax) was born in 1999.  Occasionally naughty and always handsome, he’s one of our resident lesson horses and goes to a lot of local shows. Anybody can ride him and have fun at any level. He has a beautiful long mane and tail and is truly a looker (and he knows it!). Read More…

Figment of Your Imagination (aka “Figment”)

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 2003 POA/Welsh Cross Mare (13.1h)
  • Breeding:
  • Owned by: Feelgood Farm, LLC

Figment is a very special sport pony and an amazing jumper!  Read More…

Bloo Light Special (aka “Blooberry”)

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 2000 Blue Roan POA Gelding (13.2h)
  • Breeding:
  • Owned by: Feelgood Farm, LLC

Bloo is a very interesting color, described as a “Pintaloosa” – part pinto and part appaloosa. Since his arrival in July 2009, Bloo has developed into an astounding sport pony.  Read More…

Brown Sugar (aka “Sugar”)

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 1998 Haflinger Welsh Cross Mare (12.2h)
  • Breeding:
  • Owned by: Feelgood Farm, LLC

Sugar is a very cute and sweet little pony. She arrived at our barn in July 2009. Now she is a popular lesson pony, and best friends with Figment. Sugar is a slower pony and prefers to stay on the flat, which is great for small kids and beginners to gain confidence.  Read More…

Brave Mojo

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: Welsh Pony Gelding (12.1h)
  • Breeding:
  • Owned by:

Little Mojo is a student-owned pony (currently offered for sale!), who came to live with us from Tennesse a couple of years ago. He is a very fancy pony who loves to jump and especially likes it when everyone cheers for him.  Read More…

Captain Morgan

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 2013, Holsteiner
  • Breeding: Dakota x Contact Me x Caligula II
  • Owned by: Feelgood Farm, LLC

Captain Morgan is the first foal from our breeding program.  Out of our substantial Holsteiner mare, Uppsala, and sired by the magnificent Dakota VDL, he hit the ground in April, 2013 and is growing fast!  Read More…

Forever Z

  • Birth Year, Type, Height: 2009 Zangersheide Mare
  • Breeding: Socrates x Royal Tailwind x Swift Solo
  • Owned by: Melanie Fann

Forever is a wonderful young mare owned by one of our boarders.  Read More…