At Feelgood Farm LLC there are several leasing options to choose from.

There are many advantages to leasing a horse over just having lessons, which include:

  • Convenience. You’ll ride the same horse every time. You will be scheduled to ride your chosen horse for your lessons;
  • Bonding. Riding the same horse means that you get to know and trust each other;
  • Horsemanship skills. By being responsible for arriving early for your lesson to tack up the horse, you learn valuable ground-handling skills;
  • Value. You pay your lease fee but are not responsible for the care of the horse – we pay for feed, farrier, supplements, etc., so it’s like owning a horse without the financial burden;
  • Showing. You will be given the opportunity (if you desire) to show on your leased horse.

Leasing Options – from $250 per month

Half Lease – You are able to ride your chosen horse in lessons and anytime you want to come out and ride between lessons. This is dependent on riding ability – to ride unsupervised you must also be able to handle the horse both in the riding ring and on the ground (including bringing in from the field, tacking up and untacking). Your horse will also be ridden by other students.

Full Lease – You are responsible for the horse and no other students will ride it.

Please contact us for more information and to find out which horses are available.

info@feelgoodfarmllc.com or (240) 344-0345